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Post  Robin on Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:19 pm

this is just a personal reminder for me of the N&R CRPs

1. Robin Pile- Jason/Damian lay on top of Dick/Tim, crushing Tim and Dick before J and D run off, just as Bruce returns home
2. The Darkness- MM and FF face off against each other while R and N fight their mental bonds inside their heads made by their AP, MM and FF
3. Running from the Dark- MM chases R around after turning dark, trying to capture him and turn him into FF
4. Secrets- When a fight between R and N leads to N getting a broken leg, R must keep this secret from B.This leads to R, N, J, and D all stuck in the laundry chute while their furious father searches for them
5. Party Hard- While Tim is bedridden with several broken bones anda short bout of amnesia after being thrown off a roof, though he is grounded, N accidentally invites over a bunch of other supers, and they have a party. When Bruce returns, the party's still going hard. But B can't get in, and R wandered off somewhere.
6. The Good and The Evil- Robin has been turned into a nine-tailed, bloodthirsty, enormous fox. When the fox summons together a mysterious group of villains with strange superpowers, its up to the rest of the Bat Clan and the Arrow Clan to stop them. It's an all out war here people. Watch out.

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